Mac mini i5 home studio

The cost of an Apple iMac can vary considerably depending on the screen size and the specific model you choose. Customers on Amazon gave it 4.

How to choose your computer for music production

This computer features an Intel Core i processor. That gives it the storage and speed you need for recording music. It also uses Having this will help you keep your workspace clean, which in turn improves efficiency. Many customers described this as a good entry-level computer. On the downside, many people described its mouse and keyboard as rather cheap and generic.

Also, you have limited ability to upgrade this computer. That makes it one of the most affordable computers on this list. However, its limited ability to upgrade could eventually become problematic. If you can, you might want to save your money and invest in something with a little more power. Amazon gives it 4. It comes equipped with an Intel Core iU processor.

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Additionally, it has a inch screen and a fingerprint reader. All of its stats can be configured and upgraded at a later time if needed. Most customers have been very happy with this laptop.

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  • iMac 20″ 2008 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo 3GB 500GB.

All of these qualities are extremely useful for a musician on the go. However, a few people have complained about the viewing angles not being great. Also, some customers had trouble upgrading to Windows That's fairly reasonable for a home recording laptop. Overall, it has a lot of good things going for it.

It uses a 2. There are also four ports, which is useful for connecting devices such as audio interfaces. Like the Apple iMac, it uses Radeon Pro graphics. The Apple MacBook Pro is available in inch and inch models. Customers have loved just how powerful this little laptop is. That makes it a very good computer for long recording sessions. The most common complaint was about the keyboard. Many people described it as unintuitive and more strenuous than it needs to be.

Like most Apple computers, the price can vary dramatically depending on the model you choose. It has all of the power and portability you could ask for. Amazon gave it 4. This computer has a 7th-generation Intel Core i processor.

Q. Can I use a Mac Mini for music?

All of these stats are upgradable as needed. Most customers have been very happy with this computer. They said it was very fast and could easily run multiple programs at one time. That's potentially very helpful for home recording artists. Unfortunately, a few customers have questioned its quality. Many had technical issues after using it for a short period of time.

May 19, 2. Dec 5, Nashville, TN. A Mac mini is basically a lap top without the screen or keyboard or battery. You get higher processing speed with an iMac and well as other features, but there is no reason you can't use a Mini to record. If you try to record a lot of tracks at once or load a tune with a large number of tracks, plug ins etc you'll probably wish you had the faster machine. I'm on the smaller i5 processer Mac Mini right now. I use it for my graphics work. It's great. I have a MacbBook Pro at home. They work the same, run the same software etc.

Best Computer For Recording Music at Home - Art of the Song

May 19, 3. Aug 11, San Diego, CA. I have it running Logic Pro X right now. That is great fun. It just occurred to me that you might want the details of what I'm running Last edited: May 19, May 19, 4.

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Dec 24, Greenville NC. It works great for me! My interface is an apogee duet. May 19, 5. Aug 15, Wellington, New Zealand. Was running one with Pro Tools 10 until recently, mine was the quad i7 2.

Laptops vs Desktops for Music Production

This was a two year old machine but I don't think the current model is a huge upgrade. A typical session for me would be tracks of audio, no virtual instruments or amp sims. My new iMac quad i5 3. May 20, 6. Hi Timi, Excuse my ignorance, but would an external hard drive have helped the situation? It can also optimize your creativity, by stop fearing about those crashes, dropouts, etc.

The SSD is not good for adding and deleting items on it all the time. I do learn a lot from and ecen tried to bounce say Drum Sections with EQ, comp and some effects to let go of some plugins and free my cpu from overloading. I am heading your advise for at least one song a month and it is still mid-Jan and i am almost done with my ist song.

Buying a Mac for Mixing and Recording Music? (Pro Tips)

A guide about asio drivers would be great ,i still dont fully understand what it does. My Zoom16 driver was so buggy and slow. I work in the Product Supports department for a well known DAW and one thing I have noticed is that many users wants the best and most professional sound.